About Olivia
Personal experience and educational opportunities inspire Olivia’s passion to share her love of music, learning and character development through violin. As a child, Olivia enjoyed learning violin in a small Suzuki program and playing in youth orchestras. She then studied at Trinity University in San Antonio Texas where she completed a Bachelor of Arts major in Music, performing in the university orchestra in addition to majoring in Mandarin Chinese language. Combining music and language through a liberal arts education instilled in Olivia the importance of music in culture and music’s role in forming identity. This inspired her to study music through an ethnomusicology related Master’s Degree in Asian Studies from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. There she researched  classical orchestral music and identity in modernizing China and learned to play the violin’s Chinese cousin, the erhu, as a solo instrument and in a traditional Chinese music ensemble. Since then, Olivia has lived and taught violin in Honolulu, Chiang Mai Thailand and now Northwest Arkansas. She strives to regularly expand her understanding of music and identity and loves to perform with local ensembles. She is member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and is committed to being a lifelong learner. To that end she is so far a registered Suzuki teacher in book 1-4. 

Education Philosophy

(Adapted from the Suzuki Association of the America’s Website https://suzukiassociation.org/about/suzuki-method/ )

Anyone can learn with a nurturing environment. 

Music and language have key similarities (such as abundant input, speaking before reading, continual review and consistent practice).

For young students especially, the parent, teacher and child work together as a team. 

Peers foster learning and excitement.

Listening is paramount to music. 

Small achievable steps build momentum towards great success.

Additional Teaching Values

Interdisciplinary Learning (Incorporating math, science, history etc. into music study when possible).

Self evaluation and critical thinking to enable self guided improvement.

Character and life skill building in addition to musical knowledge and skill.  

Placing music in cultural contexts for greater enjoyment and empathy towards others.

Performing and sharing music for community building and presentation skill practice.


Heston Violin Studio is located in Pea Ridge Arkansas, convenient to the Northwest Arkansas region and Southwest Missouri. Now accepting new students both in person and remotely.